I am an Australian artist living in North Wales, currently doing a PhD at Aberystwyth University. In 2014 founded Stiwdio Maelor, an artist in residence program.
I completed a degree in printmaking and a postgraduate in weaving at the Institute of the Arts, Australia National University in the mid 1990’s. On leaving University I worked as a community artist in the Australia Capital Territory and then moved to the outback where I worked in an Aboriginal language centre and later ran an Aboriginal art centre. On leaving the art centre I began to focus on my art full time and first came to Wales in 2004, completing an artist in residence at the Regional Print Centre in Wrexham in 2006. In 2005 I began learning Welsh and received an A level in Welsh and settled permanently in Wales in 2012.
My work focuses on endangered languages and language loss, and through art I want to create a form of awareness and insight to contribute to the questions and concerns surrounding the loss of language, culture and the loss of intellectual knowledge contained in those languages.
 If you are interested in purchasing any of the works please feel free to contact me.
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